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Animal Farm 03/09

“Music is the opiate of the people.” – I don’t know where I remember this quote from, but I think it adequately describes some of the less intelligent animals on the farm.  Whenever there is a disagreement or argument, the animals break out into song to get their hopes up, and order is restored again.  Whenever there is an official meeting or vote, the animals sing their song.  Their pigs (leaders) encourage the animals to sing the song, because it keeps them on track and concerned with hardly anything other than making the farm an equal and peaceful society.  The song is simple and melodious for the simple-minded animals, so even the lowest of them all can understand and remember the words. This represents populations in society; people sing and dance in order to bring hopes up and organize reforms.  Music connects to the human brain much more easily than any great speech, especially when the audience is the lower classes.  Music can have the power to lead revolutions.  I thought the picture below was funny.

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